Most have heard of the story of David and Goliath. There is something in all of us that loves that story. That story inspires each of us because we are all face with obstacles that appear too big to conquer every day. We all want to believe that with integrity, passion, and perseverance we too can realize our dreams. The fact that Davide overcame a giant with a single stone inspires us to believe the impossible is in fact possible.

In 2001, Davide was the dream. Davide was the inspiration. Today Davide is the culmination of eight years of hard work, and believing in the impossible. The statue of David was David Shore’s Inspiration.

David Shore is a hard working man, passionate and creative. He acquired knowledge and experience in many facets of the construction industry. It wasn’t until 22 years ago that he realized his passion; his expertise was in stone. David Shore has devoted his career to learning every detail of the stone industry, and becoming the best at his trade. He has built this company by hiring only the best, and only those who share his passion for excellence.

Today we are a healthy young business, and we are growing. We are growing because we never compromise the integrity of where we came from. We are growing because we never compromise the quality of work we produce. We are growing because we never take for granted the people who make our dream possible: our clients…