Frequently Asked Questions

What makes natural stone a better choice than other synthetic materials available?

Granite and marble are natural stones pulled from different parts of the earth. This allows for a wide variety of colors and different accent choices. The changes that occur in natural stone are impossible to mimic, and in certain stones are as highly valued as precious stones found in jewelry.

Should I choose granite or marble for my new kitchen or bathroom?

The choice between granite and marble depends on the application involved. Marble is a less dense stone containing more calcium than granite. This makes it easier to scratch on high traffic areas. Granite is a more dense stone formed by intense heat deep in the earth, which makes it highly durable in areas of heavy use. The main difference is the overall design appeal. Many of our clients still use marble in the kitchen with the thought that their kitchen will gain character with use. Also marble has more depth in it’s colors than most granite, and it’s shine really has to be seen first hand.

Do I need to have my stone sealed?

Here at Davide, we seal every job we complete. We offer two sealers to choose from. Both sealers are impregnating sealers, meaning they penetrate deep into the stone to prevent staining. The main difference is that our basic sealer needs to be reapplied every six months for upkeep. Our upgraded sealer is good for fifteen years and comes with a written warranty when applied by our certified fabricators. This gives our clients peace of mind about keeping their new stone stain free for years to come.

Do my stone counter tops need seams?

Davide treats every job as a custom work of art. We offer our client’s the option to lay out their slabs with us, to ensure that if seams are needed we can choose the best part of the slab, most favorable to the overall look of the job. Stone slabs are an average size of 100 inches by 60 inches. This means that any piece longer or wider than this will need seams to complete the job. Keep this in mind when choosing what material will be the best fit for your project.

How strong is the stone used for my kitchen?

Granite and marble are only as strong as their composition. Some slabs have more quartz and other minerals which makes them less dense. To offset this, many quarries will apply a layer of fiberglass to the back of the slabs to strengthen the material. It has been put there for a reason and needs to stay in place to ensure the stone does not crack or break!